Debt or Taxes


The reason for the government is to provide security.  They do a lot of other stuff like schools and roads but the main thing is to maintain order.                                            Chaos isn’t good for babies.   Law and order is much better.                                         So the government is providing these services and that cost money.                            So we provide ourselves with a level of services that maintains civil order and we collect taxes to pay for it.    Sort of.                                                                                                 Nobody wants to pay taxes.                                                                                                We got the ultra-patriots waving flags.    Love it or leave it and all that.                             The American People …. blah, blah , blah                                                                          But the American people don’t want to pay taxes.                                                             The tax bill comes in and we say  “let the other guys pay”.                                           But all the other guys don’t want to pay either.                                                                   Everyone wants the services but no one wants to pay for it.                                           A  GREAT IDEA comes along……….Let future generations pay for it.

They’re just kids, maybe not even born yet.  They don’t know shit.                                By the time they figure it out we’ll be dead and gone.                                                  That kid over there on the tricycle just borrowed a few hundred million.                         By the time he gets old enough to understand compound interest, it won’t matter.        To us.                                                                                                                                 We’ll be dead ……….or nodding out in a nursing home …….paid for by medi-care.

What happened?   Isn’t there a responsible parent in the whole government?                  Are there no responsible parents among the citizenry?                                              Who the hell came up with the idea that we would enjoy the benefits of all these services and some one else would pay for the whole thing later…….. with interest.      We got these Nobel winning economists that don’t seem to understand income. Someone has got to make something out of sunshine, rocks and water or we won’t have anything.                                                                                                     Sunshine, rocks and water is all there is.                                                                       We’ve got some atomic power and some hydrocarbon power and some gravity power but life is sunshine energizing rock and water.                                                   The sunshine is income and the rock and water are capitol goods.                   Information Economy …. HA! ……. like we’re going to print out some food off the internet for lunch?….                                                                                                     How about we send the electric company some virtual dollars to pay the light bill?

In the budget process you have expenses (spending)                                                  and you have income (taxes).                                                                                           If your expenses exceed your income then you have debt.                                             In working out the budget  you can adjust the spending and taxes to balance.              Or you can spend more than you collect in taxes and you have a deficit.                    The national debt is government spending that exceeded the taxes collected.                 We can’t unspend the money.                                                                                           The national debt is uncollected taxes.

We’ve got this big debate on why does anyone need a twenty round magazine………Isn’t five rounds enough?                                                                                              The better question is why does anyone need a billion dollars?                                         Isn’t five hundred million enough?

The national debt is uncollected taxes.


VOTE : None Of The Above


How can it be possible in this country of 350 million people that we have to choose between Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump as the next President of the United States?

How can the Justice Dept. and the Executive Branch and the Congress allow a Senator to disregard The Constitution and break his Oath of Office by declaring the current President shall not fill the current vacancy on the Supreme Court?                             How is this possible?

How can the President and Congress allocate billions of dollars to “combat” the Zika virus that has killed no one and ignore the Medical Holocaust that kills 250,000 Americans a year with medical mistakes and another 20,000 per year with prescription opiates? These two medical categories kill over 700 Americans per day and The President asks Congress to provide over a billion dollars this year to “combat” a virus that has killed no one. The CDC states that over 23,000 Americans die per year from antibiotic resistant bacterial infection yet we allow 30 million pounds of antibiotics to be added to livestock feed every year. If you want to create resistance to an antibiotic then you feed the antibiotic to the most members of a population that you possibly can. The nonresistant die and the resistant thrive with less competition. The more antibiotic you introduce into the environment the greater the resistance you create.  Every Biology Professor and every Doctor knows this.                                                                       How is this possible?

How can the Defense Department renege on the contract they made with our Military Service Men and Women that paid them a bonus to sign up to go back to war in Iraq and now ten years later say that there was a mistake and they have to pay the money back? With all the hypocritical talk about “Support Our Troops” and all the propaganda about the dangers from the Middle Eastern Terrorists and here these Americans went back to the danger zone on our behalf and now we want our money back.                How is that possible?

How can we spend billions on Education and get results like the above. Where are the Smart People when we need them? Our kids are collectively a trillion dollars in debt for a so called education that produces a population that produce our delusional society.    How is that possible?

Venus as a Demon


“There is a demon behind all of this, manipulating us. It is an invisible and nameless demon that is trying to eat our souls.”

A Venusian beam of consciousness effecting life on Earth is sort of a plot device to illustrate a possession.  In the old days people got possessed by Earthly demons. Today, post Galileo, we can imagine a demonic being from another planet or galaxy.

The point at which Eukaryotes appeared is one of the more significant steps in life on Earth and seemed like a reasonable place to start this possession.

Life on Earth, for 1-2 billion years was Prokaryotic or bacterial. Then something occurred that began the development of more complex life forms that would progress from forms such as amoebas and algae to cockroaches and redwood trees and humans. This prokaryote/eukaryote info is from ACQUIRING GENOMES by Lynn Margulis and Dorian Sagan. ACQUIRING GENOMES is the scientific forefront of understanding origin of species. It is fascinating.

Considering where we are now. That force that has guided life from bacteria to 7 billion humans and the 6th great extinction could be seen as a demon or as the more contemporary form of demon….. An Extraterrestrial Invasion.  Only this invasion from outer space is not physical creatures from another planet but instead it is a beam of consciousness from another planet that turns Earthlings into avitars, doing the work of creating Venus like conditions on Earth. Earthlings don’t consciously think that they are turning Earth into another Venus, they just keep on breeding and consuming and burning everything they can get their hands on.

Actually we don’t need a Venusian intervention to understand why people today act like they are from another planet. That’s because we are from another planet. Earth 500 years ago was a different planet. That was Earth and this is, as  Bill McKibben tells it, Eaarth. Every life form alive today has a genetic memory of 3-4 billion years of successful response.  We all come from ancestors who survived a variety of conditions going all the way back to bacteria, but unfortunately for humans, those conditions were nothing like what we have today. Chemicals in the air, water, and food and RF radiation everywhere wasn’t here before…. and then there is the HEAT that’s coming.  Now we are in this grand experiment. This experiment will probably show that most life forms cannot adapt to the speed and magnitude of these changes.

The Zombie Apocalypse is not a matter of if…. It’s when?

Culling The Herd

CULLS ………..                 4/25/09

You look at what’s happening

and try to imagine what it would take

to make it all make sense.


You know that

they got smart people

that they pay

to sit around and think.


If I think of something.

you got to know that

they thought of that

a long time ago.


So if I see that there

are too many people,

then they saw that too,

a long time ago.


But we don’t see anything

being done

to accommodate these people.


There’s supposed to be

billions of more people coming

in the next couple of decades.

and we’ve already got too many.


The stories I’ve been seeing

say we’re five to ten times

over populated right now.


You know these high roller

mover and shaker

Ivy League money types

got a plan.


It doesn’t appear

that the plan is

to accommodate

all our brothers and sisters.


So what’s the alternative?




You either accommodate

or you eliminate.


The most plausible method is the virus.


I was thinking of this meeting where the doctor types are making a pitch to the money types and they are telling them that they got all these souped up agents….. viruses, bacteria, fungi, prions ……. all ready to go, but they tell the money guys that the thing that makes the greatest difference in their lethality is the stress level of the recipient.  At extreme levels of stress, the lethality raises exponentially.


The money guys go to some other smart people.

“How do we create a bunch of stress?”

“Hunger and fear work the best” say the smart people.


The current terrorist propaganda

on top of the poison in the air, water and food,

is a plan to soften up the masses

so that the virus works better.


It would also make sense to set off a nuke some where.

Nothing like some pictures on TV of some people that are made of charcoal.


Stress suppresses the immune system

for more successful elimination.


Culling the herd is not a new concept.


NEWSFLASH – FDA Approves Vaccines To Address Security Threats


ST. LOUIS MO. – FDA Officials announced the approval of several new vaccines that will reduce the impact of three pandemics that currently threaten world peace.

These new vaccines will address the spread of Satire Suppression Deficit Disorder and it’s subvarients Satirical Sarcasm Syndrome and Sarcastic Satire Syndrome.

FDA Commissioner Victor Swarmie addressed a larger than usual crowd as this was the opening ceremony at the new FDA headquarters compound in St. Louis.

“We are very happy to be able to introduce these significant new medications at the opening of our new facility,” said Commissioner Swarmie, “This pandemic of Satirical Expression threatens all the free peoples of the world. It has taken a unified multinational effort to produce these vaccines. We are confident that it will only be a matter of time until we get this thing turned around.”

After a brief address congratulating the bio-medical research firms that are joint patent holders in the new drugs, Commissioner Swarmie introduced former Secretary of Defense and current CEO of Bio-Nanometrics Pharmaceuticals LLC, Donald Rumsfeld. Bio-Nanometrics is the lead research firm in the development of the new vaccines. Rumsfeld addressed the crowd with his concerns that lack of suppression of the satirical response could have grave consequences for U.S. security. “We’ve found that satire is a gateway thought process that often leads to more deviant thinking such as sedition and treason”, said Rumsfeld, “it’s a slippery slope”. Bio-Nanometrics is the sole patent holder on the vaccine SHUTUPAPHEN that specifically addresses the subvarient infection Sarcastic Satiricalyosis, also referred to as SarSat II. Rumsfeld also announced that Bio-Nanometrics had recently finalized agreements with the FDA to provide quarantine facilities and enforcement for the more severe cases of SarSat II. “Those people started out with so-called satirical humor that is often nothing less than seditious ridicule of government officials and the next thing you know they have a gun in their hand.” He added, “Are we going to wait untill its weapons of mass destruction before we act?” Rumsfeld was followed by Billy Bob Walton, Wal-Mart Family Medicines CEO, who thanked all the researchers and associates at the Wal-Mart Family of Companies for their heroic efforts to bring the UNTRUST vaccine to the American people. UNTRUST is the base of the vaccine therapy for Satire Suppression Deficit Disorder (SSDD). “Our first concern is the safety of the American people”, said Walton. “We have steadfastly held to the rigorous 10X10 Safety Protocol and our trials have been overwhelmingly positive”. 10X10 Safety Protocol requires that ten subjects be followed for ten days to observe for any adverse reactions. “Hospitalizations were well below the fifty percent threshold and fatalities were minimal.”

In closing Walton praised the research staff for their high level of innovation in bringing this first ever over the counter vaccine to market on such short notice.

Commissioner Swarmie resumed the podium to dedicate the new FDA Headquarters to the thousands of American troops fighting overseas. “We, the American people must continue to support our troops at every opportunity”, he said. “God bless America and God bless our troops”

The new FDA facility is a partnership with biotech firm Monsanto Inc. It is located on the Headquarters Campus of Monsanto. Commissioner Swarmie welcomed the families of the many FDA and Monsanto employees that will no longer be required to move back and forth between St. Louis and Washington D.C. The Commissioner received a standing ovation when he told the crowd, “It’s easier to change the sign on an office door than it is to move the whole family half way across the country.” Swarmie praised the new facility as a “great advancement in oversight capability for the safety of the American people.” He also referred to the increased level of security that the Monsanto compound could provide for FDA staff. “After nine eleven there were many questions as to how anyone could fly a hostile aircraft into Washington D.C. air space”, said Swarmie. “We’ve taken that concern out of the equation. Nobody is getting anywhere near to this place”. As part of the government/industry partnership it has been reported that both ground- to-air and ground-to-ground missile batteries were installed at the headquarters facility. An FDA official who declined to be identified stated that he was not at liberty to confirm or deny those reports

NEWSFLASH – Patent on Protein



Washington DC…   After around the clock negotiations with USDA officials, the U.S. Patent Office, and representatives from the Dept. of HEW, Dept. of State, and Dept. of Treasury, Monsanto’s legal counsel presented their agreement to the U.S. Supreme Court.  On a five to four vote, the Court approved the agreement and awarded a patent on protein to Monsanto Corporation of St. Louis, MO

The patent was issued under the new intellectual property rights regulations that passed Congress last week.  The President signed the landmark “Virtual Reality” bill yesterday. In a Rose Garden ceremony at the White House, President Richard Weed declared that this would not “fix everything” but that he was “confident that this is a step in the right direction” and that “this fixation on facts and observations” will soon become a thing of the past.  “Now is the time for creative vision” were his closing words at the brief ceremony before a small crowd of journalists and photographers and Monsanto employees, including several congressmen and senators.

Monsanto’s attorneys presented the case that Monsanto had invented protein after a long and expensive process carried on in a parallel universe over five billion years ago.  Food producers whose products contain protein will now be required to purchase a license and pay royalties.  Richard Head, Lead Attorney for Monsanto, declined to comment on plans for seeking reparations for previous unlicensed protein production except to say “We’re looking into it.”

A senior Monsanto executive, who asked not to be named, said, “This is a tribute to the U.S. legal system that corrects injustice and protects the rights of the people.”  Another Monsanto executive who is member of the “Protein and Consciousness Committee”, who asks to remain anonymous, stated, “This is a far reaching decision that will eventually reposition the current notion of intellectual property rights.”  A high ranking executive in Monsanto’s Financial Division stated, off the record, that “these fees and royalties should bring in somewhere between a hundred zillion to a gazillion dollars annually”.


Earth’s Melting Ice

When I see reports that Earth’s ice is melting at the rate of x cubic miles or x cubic kilometers per year I have a hard time getting that in perspective.

Then, I find something that is in tons of ice per year and I can relate to tons of ice…….. as in tons of air conditioning.

The Air Conditioning Industry uses “tons” as one way of rating the capacity of air conditioning units.  One ton of A/C provides the same cooling as melting one ton of ice in 24 hours.

Before the advent of refrigeration, cooling was done with ice. Millions of tons of ice were harvested from America’s rivers and lakes and ponds and stored in caves and pits and insulated buildings that preserved the ice well up in to the summer. The ice was stored and later distributed to provide some degree of cooling. Harvesting and distributing    ice started before the American Revolution. It is not hard to imagine that when refrigeration units first came on the scene everyone’s frame of reference for cooling was some quantity of ice. Today we still use “tons” to describe the size of air conditioning equipment. More technically, we also use BTUs to rate the capacity of air conditioning equipment.

One BTU is the amount of heat required to raise one pound of water one degree F.      A ton of air conditioning moves 11,917 BTUs of heat per hour. At that rate, 286,000 BTUs of heat will be moved in 24 hours. If you have a ton of ice at 32 degrees and you add 286,000 BTUs you will have a ton of water at 32 degrees. The 286,000 BTUs is now “stored” as latent heat in the ton of water. This is the effect of one ton of air conditioning.

Today, a four ton A/C unit is commonly installed to cool a 2000 sq. ft. home. It will remove the amount of heat that it would take to melt four tons of ice in 24 hours. The amount of heat it takes to melt four tons of ice is 1,144,000 BTUs. That melting has no time element but the A/C Industry chose the 24 hours time frame as their standard for rating their equipment.

A recent article from NASA states that the Earth lost 4.3 trillion tons of ice from 2003 to 2010. To get this into air conditioning perspective we need to divide 4.3 trillion tons by 7 years to get 614.3 billion tons of ice melting per year. Then we need to divide by 365 days to get 1.68 billion tons of ice melting per day. That is equivalent to 1.68 billion tons of air conditioning. That equals 481.3 trillion BTUs per day.

If we think of the size of our home air conditioners, 481.3 trillion BTUs would require 420 million 4 ton air conditioners. Or if you live in a small apartment with a 1.5 ton unit, it would be 1.1 billion of these smaller air conditioners.

A 4 ton air conditioner has a foot print of about 10 sq. ft. which would allow 4356 units to cover an acre. When we divide 420 million units by 4356 units per acre, we see that this is equal to 96,418 acres of 4 ton air conditioners. At 640 acres per square mile, this is a field of 4 ton air conditioners that is ten miles long by fifteen miles wide. Or one mile wide and a hundred fifty miles long. I live near Texarkana in Arkansas which is on the Texas border. These 420 million 4 ton a/c units would cover a field that extends a half a mile  on each side of Interstate 30. That field would extend from the Texas/Arkansas state line all the way past Little Rock.

All those air conditioners running 24/7/365 would equal the cooling power of the rate of melting of Earth’s ice during that 2003 to 2010 time period. In reality, that many a/c condensing units in that close proximity would not function properly as there is no room for the heat to dissipate. This example is to illustrate how many air conditioners it would take to provide the same cooling as the melting ice if all the a/c units were working properly 24 hours a day for 7 years.

This daily ice melt of 1.68 billion tons requires 481.3 trillion BTUs of heat.

481.3 trillion BTUs is equivalent to burning 20 million cords of Oak fire wood every day,

or 3.85 billion gals. of gasoline…..every day,

or 19.3 million tons of coal……….. Which is enough to fill over 150,000 coal car loads which is over a thousand train loads of coal every day.

That much fuel would have to be burned every day to melt 4.3 trillion tons of ice during those 7 years.

The average Coal fired power plant in the U.S. produce approximately 500 Mega- Watts. The energy to melt 1.68 billion tons of ice per day would require the output of 11,755 of these 500 MW power plants. The super efficient John Turk power plant that opened in Fulton AR in 2012 is a 600 MW power plant. It would only require 9,795 plants of this capacity.

So where did all this heat come from that melted the 4.3 trillion tons of ice?

It came from the Sun.

We have ancient sunshine in hydrocarbons that we burn. We have current sunshine in the biomass and carbohydrates that we burn and in the direct incoming solar radiation. We have some geothermal heat on Earth from geological processes,  but most of the energy that is heat on Earth has come from the Sun. At the best conditions we have about 1000 watts per square meter of incoming sunshine to the surface of the Earth. This is approximately equal to a 100W light bulb on every sq. ft.                                  We are now reradiating less energy back to space than in the past because of the infrared reflective effect of increasing greenhouse gases. Much of that heat that is being retained is now stored in the latent heat of fusion in the water that was formerly Earth’s ice.

Earth is warming far more than is indicated by our record high air and water temperatures. We don’t need instrumentation or computer models to see the melting ice.

The reference to train car loads of coal is from “Coal Trains” by John McPhee.




What Do The Risk Experts Think?

What Do The Risk Experts Think?                                                          2/2/15


President Obama told NBC News anchor Savannah Guthrie, “You should get your kids vaccinated.”

“I understand that there are families that, in some cases, are concerned about the effect of vaccinations,” Obama said. “The science is, you know, pretty indisputable. We’ve looked at this again and again. There is every reason to get vaccinated, but there aren’t reasons to not.”

The President gets a bit tongue tied when he tries to imply that there is no risk involved with immunization.

The U.S. Govt. has paid out over three billion dollars for vaccine related injuries through the VACCINE INJURY COMPENSATION PROGRAM (VICP) of the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services.

“On October 1, 1988, the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (Public Law 99-660) created the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP). The VICP was established to ensure an adequate supply of vaccines, stabilize vaccine costs, and establish and maintain an accessible and efficient forum for individuals found to be injured by certain vaccines. The VICP is a no-fault alternative to the traditional tort system for resolving vaccine injury claims that provides compensation to people found to be injured by certain vaccines. The U. S. Court of Federal Claims decides who will be paid. Three Federal government offices have a role in the VICP:”

The above paragraph tells us that the U.S. Govt. must change all the rules of product liability in order for the vaccine makers to produce “an adequate supply of vaccines. Then the govt. must release them from all responsibilities for their actions. “We The People” are now underwriting the risk of damages from vaccines.

This begs the question of where the experts on risk stand on this issue. Professional underwriters, (aka…. The Insurance Companies…) have a several hundred year old tradition of looking at the risks in an endeavor and applying their actuarial skills to place a monetary value on assuming that risk. These experts put their money where their mouth is and they are well compensated. The Insurance industry has assets in the hundreds of billions of dollars because the underwriters are good at assessing risk.

When the Insurance Industry allowed the U.S. Govt. to assume the risk for vaccine injury we can assume that one of two things happened. Either the risk was so great that the price of the premiums was more than the pharmaceutical companies were willing to spend.                                                                                                                              Or the risk was too great at any price.

In the first case you would think that the underwriters would present their price for liability coverage and the pharmaceutical companies would add it to the price of their vaccine just like they do for liability with all their other drugs.                                         The Insurance Industry gets its cut of the action. It’s the American way.                     This case of the federal government taking away the opportunity for an American insurance company to sell premiums is pure socialism. If the Insurance Industry had seen any way to make a profit underwriting the risks of vaccines you can be sure that the U.S. Govt. would not have taken their business.

That leaves case number two…… The risk was too great at any price.

I can’t see a rich and powerful industry like the American Insurance Industry allowing the government to take away their chance to make a profit.                                        This does not compute.                                                                                             Unless you consider that the risk was too great to profitably underwrite. Period.

The most believable case is that the risk experts wanted no part of vaccines at any price. So we have the President and all the medical spokesmen telling us that we should subject our children to a risk that the risk experts have refused to accept.     What does that mean? How can the powers-that-be tell us to accept a risk that the risk experts consider unacceptable? Who’s interest is being served by this blatant misrepresentation of the facts? It is obviously not in the interest of your child.

There is no reason for the government to engage in the insurance business accept when it is the only alternative. Businesses cannot undertake unprofitable operations. Only the Govt. can do that.

Whenever it is brought up that “for profit health care” is not a particularly moral or efficient practice for a society, there is a big uproar about socialized medicine. The insurance industry spends millions “lobbying” to defeat any plan to create a publicly funded health care system that is health driven instead of profit driven. But they have shown to be perfectly willing to pass up the premiums that they could be charging for underwriting the risk of vaccines.

How can you explain that?







Zombie Apocalypse Mitigation

mit·i·gate :   transitive verb  : to make (something) less severe, harmful, or painful

Actions in the present have consequences in the future.  If we look at the rising debt in the U.S., both individually and collectively, it appears that this universal truth is being ignored.  Our current culture does not recognize the difference between debt and income.  We have taken a bunch of the Earth’s resources and turned it into stuff and called it economic growth.  We have ignored the fact that the process of creating that stuff has incurred a debt in our environment. As Nature moves to collect on that debt we can expect changes in our world that will not necessarily be “human friendly”.  Here on Zombie Apocalypse Mitigation (ZAM) we will offer products, information and practices that can help make these changes “less severe,harmful or painful”.

Less refugees is better.